We are enormously grateful for the dedicated volunteers so far, who have given their time to World for Libya’s humanitarian effort.

Donating your time to World for Libya is a great way to give your support. Every hour you can spare will help us.

World for Libya is a non-profit organisation which was established following the Libyan civil protests and uprising of February 2011.

Its overriding aim is to support humanitarian relief both directly as well as through third party charities. Through its unique ability to mobilise local people throughout the country, World for Libya is able to not only assess the need for different types of aid, but also to assist in providing the logistics for other charities – whether local or international.

Although we are in need of assistance in many areas, we are in desperate need of the following skills. If you are interested in volunteering for World for Libya, please email volunteers@worldforlibya.org.

World for Libya Coordinator Internship – London Office

We’re looking for energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to join our dedicated team of volunteer coordinators and help with the day to day running of the charity.

Your role will be interesting and varied, covering all aspects of charity work from answering phone calls and replying to emails, utilising social networks, to liaising with journalists and organizing fundraising events. You will need great people skills and the creativity to think of innovative ways to achieve results.

Part of the role will also be to organise logistics of transporting shipping equipment etc. to Libya so applicants to the position must be confident, organised and able to keep up with a fast pace of work!

It’s a challenging role but you’ll be hugely rewarded through being part of a close and committed team of volunteers, meeting a huge range of people and using your skills to really make a difference to the lives of the people in Libya. The role is flexible with opportunities to expand your horizons as well as learning new skills. The internship would last for three to six months; those wishing to apply should send a copy of their CV and a cover letter to louise.batty@worldforlibya.org and title the email “Coordinator Internship”.

Volunteer as a World for Libya Website Manager – London Office

We’re looking for a well-organised, thorough and IT literate volunteer to ensure the smooth running of our website in order to maintain and develop the World for Libya’s presence on the internet so as to help meet the charities ongoing aims.

This is an interesting role that would suit anyone who has experience of managing websites, excellent, up-to-date and practical knowledge of website technology, including a good range of relevant software and the ability to work on your own initiative. You will be required to monitor the website and identify areas which require upkeep and ones that need investment so you can make a real difference to the our online presence.


Volunteer as a World for Libya Bookkeeper – London Office

We’re looking for a well-organised, thorough and numerate volunteer to ensure the smooth running of the World for Libya’s finances so that our income can be sustained and maximised.

This is an interesting role that would suit anyone who has experience of accounting as you will be able to monitor the charity’s takings and identify areas which are most profitable and ones that need investment so you can make a real difference to the income of World for Libya.

This is a part-time voluntary position which will require you to come into the office twice a month to organise the finances. 


Volunteer as a World for Libya Ground Volunteer – Misurata, Benghazi Offices

We’re looking for energetic, enthusiastic and committed people to join our team of volunteers to help in the refugee camps in various cities across Libya. Volunteers must be based in one of the cities mentioned above and speak Arabic fluently.

The main focus of the work includes, supporting an adequate standard of living, promoting livelihood activities, building relief program partnerships, strengthening advocacy and developing organisational resources.


Full-Time World for Libya Development Worker – Benghazi

World of Libya is looking to set up an office in Benghazi and we need an international aid and development worker to help set up the office and the day to day work of the office.

Focus will be on meeting the needs of people and communities in the Benghazi. We seek to implement long-term solutions to problems by working with developing countries to help them create the capacity to provide sustainable solutions. Many work on long-term development projects in fields such as education, sanitation, health, agriculture, and urban/rural/small business development.

For more information or if you interested in any of the above roles please email us at volunteers@worldforlibya.org with an attached CV and covering letter.