Who we are

World For Libya is a not for profit organisation which was established following the Libyan civil protests and the uprising of February 2011.

The charity was established by Libyans and non-Libyans alike free from any political or military affiliation. Their shared goal is to provide aid and assist the poorest and neediest Libyans and Libyan refugees.

Its overriding aim is to support humanitarian relief both directly as well as through third party charities. Through its unique ability to mobilize local people throughout the country,World For Libya is able to not only assess the need for different types of aid, but also to assist in providing the logistics for other charities – whether local or international.

We view the charitable assistance in Libya as a long-term commitment, not just just a short-term endeavour. The rebuilding of the country will involve not only the bricks and mortar of schools and hospitals, but also concerns the provision of emotional and psychological support to the multitude of victims of war.

World For Libya is a registered charity (1142409) set up under the UK Charities Commission. It has been structured to ensure the best possible practice throughout the organisation and follows strict corporate governance, as well as financial controlling and accountability.

What we do

Download brochure imageWe concentrate our efforts on the following areas:

  • Orphans and children
  • Medical aid
  • Refugees
  • People with disabilities
  • Education
  • Counselling for victims of war
  • Supporting third party organisations, providing logistical help with any of the above

Office Locations

The head office of World for Libya is in London, however we also crucially have three operational offices out in Libya based in the cities of Benghazi, Tunis and the capital Tripoli.


The Board of Trustees of World For Libya includes specialists with long standing careers in Law, Finance and Medicine.

  • David Freeman: a Veteran Lawyer who works at Thomas Eggar Law firm. Is also a Trustee of several other foundations and charities and is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.
  • Dr David Nott: a renowned laparoscopic Surgeon who works at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.  Has volunteered for many years for the charity Médecins Sans Frontières.  He most recently served in Misrata during the height of the siege.
  • Dr Faraj Ahnish: A Libyan national based in the UAE is managing partner and founder of Hadef and Partners, one of the largest law firms in Abu Dhabi.
  • Salah Mussa: Libyan who has been in exile for the last 30 years. A London based entrepreneur, philanthropist and real-estate developer. Founded World For Libya.
  • Reem Taher: Co-founder and Human Rights Activist. Liyan national who has lived in London for the last 16 years.
  • Richard Hillier: Senior partner at Rawlinson & Hunter, based in Switzerland. He handles the accounts and book keeping for World For Libya on a Pro Bono basis; He is also one of original generous donator’s to World For Libya
  • Willem Baralt: Non-executive Director and Finance Specialist.  Has had a wealth of charitable experience having volunteered for the Red Cross, Peace Corps and as a Trustee of the Venture Partnership Foundation.

UK Fundraising & influencing committee

World For Libya has put together a fundraising and influencing committee which takes on a leadership role for planning and coordinating revenue-generating strategies. The committee is made up of various heads of industry who have generously given their time and support in order to help the poorest and most desperate in need.

  • Abdullah Boulsein – Partner at private equity firm Tuareg Capital, focused on opportunities in North Africa, particularly in Libya.
  • Tricia Topping – Chief Executive at TTA Group; TTA group is a leading communications consultancy focused on property, lifestyle and investment in the commercial, residential, luxury and leisure sectors, both in the UK and abroad.
  • Charles Phillpot – Was the co-founder of Adventis Group and former marketing director of Savills.
  • Mazen Masri – Based in London, Mazen is the Managing Director of Edgo (UK) Ltd , an oil and gas specialist company. Mazen serves on the boards of a number of Middle East focused charities.
  • Michael Thomas – Former Director General of the Middle East association. Currently a consultant at Asia House, an influential think tank.

German Fundraising and influencing committee

  • Reinhard Hollunder – Head of the department of Internation Cooperation, Hamburg
  • Boris Ritter – Boris is the co-founder and General Manager of Sesam Business Consultants, a leading German-Emirati business consultancy based in Dubai. He initiated our charitable activities in Germany.

UAE Fundraising and influencing committee

  • Amal Hussein – a specialized investment banking headhunter by profession based in Dubai. Amal is supporting the fundraising activities in Dubai
  • Dr. Nagib Serrag


  • Louise Batty – Having previously worked for Save the Children, Louise has now joined our team at World for Libya as Head Coordinator
  • Nader El Hamessi – Director of Operations, Tripoli Office


The majority of World For Libya staff are volunteers; from the energetic, dedicated individuals who work in our UK and Libyan offices, to all the members of our fundraising committees. This enables virtually all of our funding to go to those who need it most.

Sponsors and Supporters

We would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters who assisted and continue to assist in making World For Libya a reality.